Lifetime Partners Make Life Brighter

September 3, 2019

At every stage of our lives, we often find ourselves turning to people for support and inspiration. These people who have our backs, people who understand what we are going through, or may not understand our situation, but are here for us anyway.

Mr. Piolo Pascual, one of the most famous and public figures in our country, gives us an intimate look into his family life: an aspect which, throughout his fame, he is known to protect and prioritize. He beams with pride as he talks about his son, Iñigo Pascual, and it shows that he is the typical father: supportive and doting. He goes on to claim that he found his lifetime partner in his son Iñigo. The father and son duo has been each other’s support and #1 fan throughout all the triumphs and challenges of life.

Mr. Pascual’s story is inspiring. We do find our best supporters in family. However, we become very grateful when we realize that in addition to family, we are blessed with friends who treat us with the same love and respect as family does. Sometimes, we find that friends can be our life partners. 🙂

Motherhood, indeed a turning point in a woman’s life, comes with its own trials. Fortunately, life doesn’t leave us alone during these transition periods- it often introduces us to people who eventually become such a big part of our journey.

I met Rachelle, Richelle, and Vanessa in one of the workshops held specifically for moms. And this was during a time when I was a new mom to my then 5-month old son. I was a sleep-deprived, full-time working, first-time mom who was still learning the ropes of motherhood (although I still am now). I had a lot of questions and doubts about myself and my mothering style. It was serendipity that I met these moms- all first time moms too- when I did. We became fast friends because of our shared interest in motherhood. I knew it was hard to be a mother, but through them, I learned I didn’t have to go through it alone.

“It takes a village” so they say, to raise a child. Well, it takes a village too, to raise a good mother. My little tribe of strong moms have been with me through the ups and downs of not only motherhood but also through the ups and downs of life. From diapering tips, schooling plans, playdates, to planning our next “samgyup” get together for more tsismis, these women have been with me to help me and sometimes just hear me out.

Friends who become family- these are my MommyBFFs. I know they have my back, and I’ll always have theirs. We’ve come a long way for such a short time, and have made a little community for moms as well. These ladies are some of life’s wonderful surprises.  They are my partners in life, and they definitely make my life brighter!


We often talk about the future (and as I learned since becoming a parent, that we are transformed from carefree young adults to worrywarts), and how we are getting old sometimes (hello, body aches and pains!). And it makes us realize that we should always be ready for what life will bring, and of course do our best to secure a happy and healthy future for ourselves and our children. And just as I have turned to my girls for emotional support, I know I had to have something to turn to, to have my back, in case my health fails. So I have been on the lookout for an insurance package that can not only help me be the healthiest I can be but to also help me during sickness. I came across the SUN Fit and Well plan. It covers not only health and wellness, but also offers life insurance protection. This package will help pay the hospital bills (and believe me, hospital bills can become HUGE) during times of critical illness. I’ve included the link below for futher information:

Also, I invite you guys to watch this touching clip of Piolo and Iñigo and how they found their Lifetime Partner in each other. 🙂


As a final note, sometimes, new moms ask me for advice on how to go about motherhood. One advice I always tell them is: “find your mom tribe”. Surround yourself with people who love and accept and will help you through whatever phase of life you’re in. 🙂 Cheers!


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