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Shopping with Daddy: Bring your SO when shopping for these baby items and you might just be pleasantly surprised (and definitely entertained!)

November 29, 2017

Moms know best, that’s for sure! But dad is definitely the one who holds our hands through the ups and downs of motherhood. I know you expect the shoulder shrug or the usual “hintay ako sa labas” or the “ikaw bahala” when you’re out shopping with your husband, but I’m here to tell you: when shopping for baby, daddies can be as meticulous as you! And while they can raise the occasional eyebrow when you tell them you need to buy this specific flange to fit your boobies, they will surely appreciate having a say in some purchasing decisions. We moms can definitely handle the buying choices ourselves, but especially for these items, dad’s opinion is important, too.

1. Stroller

Buying a stroller with daddy is entertaining as heck: it looks like he’s buying a car! The way he questions the salesman, or walks around the strollers 360 degrees. He is looking for something durable, lightweight, and something he can handle with one hand (and possibly a foot also) when you guys are out and he’ll have to manage: the bags, the umbrella, your latest mall haul, the car keys, the grocery, the other kids, etc.

2. Diaper bag

After having a baby, daddy’s newest accessory will be the diaper bag. It would have to be durable and easy to clean. It also has to be easy to carry (nothing that will slip off daddy’s shoulders when walking!). It has to have easy access and compartmentalized so that daddy can easily get the stuff that baby needs. If you say “nilagay ko dyan sa gilid”, he has to know where that “gilid” is! Doesn’t matter if it’s pink and has flowers on it, but it should make dad’s life (and yours too, of course!) easier.

3. Carseat

I’m definitely going to need dad’s opinion on this one because he’s the one setting this up in our car! But although a lot of moms (unlike me) know the specs and compatibility of their car to a carseat, dad will surely appreciate his opinion on this too. He is looking for durability and of course, safety!

4. Crib

Like any big furniture in the house, a crib is a major purchasing decision for baby. Dads are a huge help in crib assembling, but they can be great helps in crib choosing! Crib safety is a top priority, and something easy to build and keep (when baby graduates from it) are also to be taken into account.

And because we love dads so much (and they love us, too) and to get their perspective, I asked some of them what they think is the most useful baby product (christmas gift, maybe?). Plus, these dads share their advice for all the other dads out there! Because dads, like moms, should help each other out too! 🙂


Aoo: Doctor, daddy to Natalia, 1 and a half yrs old

1. What baby item/product do you think is the most useful? you can be as specific as you want!

A baby carrier! I got the lille baby carrier. Save those arms from tiring out by getting one of these.

2. What one piece of advice can you give new dads regarding parenthood?

Don’t forget “me time”.



Jopet: Lawyer, daddy to baby Lia, 1 month old

1. Lampin and changing mat for unforeseen projectiles. A Breast pump so dads can help out with the feeding.

2. When you get the chance, sleep.



Rene: Doctor, daddy to baby Sophia, 1 month old

1. We wanted to give Sophia the best care we can, and part of that was giving her the best possible nutrition: breastmilk. One of the most important items we really wanted to invest in was in a breast pump, so that even if my wife’s at work, we can provide Sophia with liquid gold. It also served the purpose of stimulating breastmilk production and allowing my wife to still pursue her professional dreams.

2. Parenthood is a partnership, and the least we can do as husbands and fathers is to be the most supportive partners that we can be. Raising a baby can be tiring for the dads, but we have to keep in mind that mommy is even more stressed or tired. Be supportive when she struggles with lost sleep, breastfeeding, and the occasional baby blues. I try to do my part by letting her sleep after Sophia feeds and doing the dirty work (diaper changing, burping, etc), but still, what I do pales in comparison to the love and effort that my wife gives to Sophia. We should always be there for both mom and baby and not make mommy feel as if she has to shoulder the burden alone.


Alex: Doctor, daddy to Nate, 1 yo

1. For me, the most useful thing we bought was the ecomom UV sterilizer and dryer. It saves us a lot of time and is very easy to use. A close second is a baby carrier as it allows you to move around and do simple chores while the baby sleeps on it.

2. Parenting is difficult, more than any job or chore you can think of. But always bear in mind that while it may seem almost impossible at the start, it will get easier. While your baby may not be responsive at first, in time, they will show their appreciation, and it will become more fulfilling. The hardship at the start is partly because it will challenge your status quo; you will not be able to do all the things that you normally enjoy doing. However, as the saying goes, the days are long, but the years are short. You will soon realize that your baby has grown, and you would be left reminiscing on all those difficulty you once had.


Fred: Doctor, daddy to Olivia, 1 yo

1. A baby bud: Kainan, upuan, laruan (may attachment dun sa table part). tsaka pwede iwanan ung baby na hindi malalaglag!

2. Get a baby bud! Matutong magtali ng buhok (especially if you have a baby girl). At magpalit ng diaper!



And of course (I’m so biased) our very own Alvin: programmer, diaper bag-carrier, stroller-manager, all-around good guy, daddy to baby Dirk, 9 mos old:

1. Yung lalagyan ng formula (p.s. daddy, I checked it’s called a baby milk powder container, picture for reference!)

2. Sleep when you can! Shifting is ok din. (I’ll elaborate: during Dirk’s first few weeks my husband and I would take “shifts” so that we can each have some snooze time. I’ll take care of baby until around midnight then dad would be on “duty” from midnight onwards).


Thank you to all dads! We love you! 🙂


Oh and for those who are wondering, here is a picture of a baby bud (got it from the net) and a milk powder container!

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